04/14/2014 06:20 pm ET Updated Apr 14, 2014

Obamas' Charitable Giving Dropped Almost $100,000 Last Year


The first family’s charitable giving took a significant dive last year.

According to Barack and Michelle Obama’s 2013 tax return, the president and his wife earned $481,098 and gave 12.3 percent of their gross adjusted income to charity, the Associated Press reported.

That’s considerably less than they donated in 2012.

However, the couple’s salary decreased last year and they were still taxed at a higher rate.

In 2012, the Obamas earned $609,000. They gave away $150,034 -- or 24.6 percent of their income to causes.

They paid $112,214 in taxes in 2012. Last year, the Obamas paid $198,169 in taxes.

They contributed $59,251 to 32 charities last year. Their largest gift of $8,751 went to the Fisher House Foundation, a nonprofit that provides military families with lodging in close proximity to a relative who is receiving treatment.

Supporting military families has long been a passion point for the Obamas, and the Fisher House, in particular, has consistently gotten the couple’s backing.

On Monday, the first lady visited the Fisher House at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., with her dogs, Bo and Sunny, the Associated Press reported. Michelle Obama chatted with families as they decorated Easter cards, and distributed cookies to the crowd.

The first lady let the kids get pretty comfortable with her. One baby even put stickers on her face, according to ABC News.

"This is the best part of my day -- with so many great families, you guys. But, more importantly, I get to shine a light on you all, our military families and our military kids," Michelle Obama said, according to the outlet. "Because you all are our heroes, especially our kids. Do you know -- hey, hey, kids, do you guys know you’re heroes?"



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