04/15/2014 04:52 pm ET

Watch Billy Eichner Dressed As The Easter Bunny Yell At People About 'The Passion Of The Christ'

Some of Billy Eichner's "Billy On The Street" segments are so random, they border on performance art.

And this, my friends, is ART.

Watch Billy Eichner, dressed as the Easter Bunny, question harass New Yorkers on their feelings about Mel Gibson's 2004 film, "The Passion Of The Christ," in a very special lightning round.

As you might expect, nobody is a bigger fan of the Jesus Christ biopic than Billy himself.

Watch the clip above and catch the episode Wednesday, April 16 at 11:00 p.m. EST on Fuse.

Side note: it's been 10 years since that movie came out? Weird!