04/15/2014 07:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'True Detective' Meets 'The Family Circus' Is Pure Evil Genius

When one recalls the adorable, kid-friendly comic strip "The Family Circus," our memories don't exactly conjure thoughts of overwhelming existentialism, metaphysical rumination or pessimism of any kind. Then we came across "Time Is A Flat Circus." Our childhood connections to the Sunday funnies will never be the same again.


The pop culture mashup to beat all other pop culture mashups blends the unflinchingly nihilistic quotes of "True Detective" with the cherubic faces of Billy, Dolly, Jeffy, and P.J. The result is pure hilarity, as the innocent children utter phrases that originally came from the sullen mouth of the HBO show's main character, Rust Cohle, like: "It's all one ghetto, man. A giant gutter in outer space."


Bil Keane's characters do live in a seemingly never-ending series of flat circles, so we have to tip our hat to the evil genius behind this project, Alex Patrick Wilson. Touché, sir. Check out the rest of the series here.

Watch the original quote that sparked the connection below. (Warning: This clip does contain explicit language, because it's "True Detective," duh.)

(Images courtesy of Time Is A Flat Circus/Tumblr)