04/16/2014 12:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Big Hot Dog Infomercial Is Totally Bonkers

What it takes to get famous on the Internet: Hard work, a little time, and a big hot dog.

We're not sure why this 2009 infomercial for Big Hot Dogs is getting attention now, apart from the fact that it's a zany, amateurish take on a product that's so niche it's ridiculous.

Here are some small hot-dog fallacies that the guy in the video presents as a case for his giant franks:

  • Small hot dogs char on the outside when you grill them, and that's bad.
  • Small hot dogs roll around when you grill them, and that's bad.
  • Small hot dogs smell funny, and that's bad.

Crazy talk, right?

Yet, the Big Hot Dog is totally for real, and it's from Chicago, where hot dogs are kind of a big deal anyway. But like most oversized novelties, the Big Hot Dog's practical application poses a difficulty. It's not like you can poke one of these suckers with a stick and roast it over the campfire.

The infomercial recommends slicing up the monster dog, which totally defeats the purpose. Why spend $170 on 7 pounds of miscellaneous "novelty meat" when you can get some mail-order artisanal weiners for a fraction of the cost? Or, you know, buy some normal hot dogs.

But since the company's been around for about five years, apparently there's a market for this.

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