04/16/2014 06:47 pm ET Updated Apr 16, 2014

Parents Are Raging With Their Toddlers At The Club Now

Watch out, party parents. There's a poppin' new nightlife experience in town -- and you don't even need a babysitter to go.

In the same city that already offers DJ classes for babies, there are now clubs for toddlers, thanks to event company, Fuzipop!, which throws dance parties for families.

According to CNN, founder Jesse Sprague and his wife Jenny Song got the idea after throwing a first birthday party for their son at a club. The couple met when they used to go dancing, and invited their old friends from the scene.

"All the parents said they would pay to do this, so we made a business out of it," Sprague told the news outlet.

A year later, the idea is reality. Their company throws parties for 200 kids at a time. Each parent and child duo pays $20 to get in; a family of four costs $60. As reports, parents can dance with grown-up drinks in hand, while their kids rock out and suck down juice boxes.

They also have giveaways to support the kids' passions.

And dance contests.

As Fuzipop! describes the magic on their website:

Imagine an event where kids and parents together can listen & dance to DJs playing the latest in electronic music, alongside their favorite pop hits, while also seeing a live performance and experience a nightclub environment in a safe controlled daytime setting.



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