04/17/2014 04:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jack Abramoff Speaks Out Against Michael Bloomberg's Gun Control Initiative

Former conservative lobbyist Jack Abramoff is not behind Michael Bloomberg's $50 million investment in a gun control organization posed to challenge the N.R.A.

In a HuffPost Live interview Thursday, he told host Josh Zepps that he'd advise Bloomberg to "stop wasting your money."

"America is not going to go along with this," said the author of "Capitol Punishment." "There is a very deep... support for Second Amendment rights in this country, including among Democrats, once you get out of the East and West Coasts."

"You know, it's an issue of interest to him. It's his money. He's got plenty of money. If he wants to spend it, let him spend it, but I don't see it going anywhere."

Watch Jack Abramoff's full interview below: