04/17/2014 08:28 am ET Updated Apr 17, 2014

What's Better Than Fireworks? Feminist Fireworks, Of Course

Prospect Park Alliance

Everyone's favorite feminist art pioneer is in New York City this month, hosting a stunning exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. And it wouldn't be a real Judy Chicago show without a bit of her pyrotechnic wonder.

Yes, Chicago is bringing feminist fireworks to Prospect Park, amounting to a 20-minute ephemeral public artwork titled "A Butterfly for Brooklyn," inspired by her life's works.

“The butterfly imagery is very basic to 'The Dinner Party,' so I kind of like that idea of that form getting out of the museum, escaping the confines of the plates and liberating itself into the air,” Chicago told DNAinfo.

"A Butterfly for Pomona," Pomona College, Claremont, CA, January 21, 2012. Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival

Chicago has worked with pyrotechnics in the past, along with watercolor, embroidery, bronze, porcelain, plastics, oils, glassware and tapestry. But this particular fireworks display is set to include 1,200 road flares and 1,600 feet of LED lights, so if you're in the park's Long Meadow around 7:30pm on April 26, it'll be an entertaining display.

This is just one in a slew of other events timed around Chicago's 75th birthday this July. "Artists don’t retire," the artist proclaimed in an earlier interview with HuffPost. "Every artist’s dream is to drop dead while they’re working."

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