04/21/2014 10:02 am ET Updated Apr 21, 2014

Arcade Fire Brings Out 'Daft Punk' At Coachella, Hilariously Shatters Dreams

C Flanigan via Getty Images

Arcade Fire is a band of many faces, typically sporting papier-mâché bobbleheads of themselves and other famous faces, like the pope or Barack Obama. It was on Sunday night, April 20, however, that Win Butler and his band announced some very special guests, a duo whose mask-fame eclipses all else: Daft Punk. But as fans learned when Julian Casablancas wore Win Butler’s bobblehead mask at Lollapalooza Chile, things are not always as they appear with this band.

When it comes to random artist guest spots, Daft Punk are the crème de la crème, so one can only imagine how fans must have lost their mind at the sight of the French robots stepping onstage to perform a slow-jam version of "Get Lucky." Unfortunately, it wasn't the real Daft Punk. As Consequence of Sound pointed out, there was no button-pushing on the boards, and the sizes of those on stage did not match the actual men of Daft Punk. Also, when Butler called them onto the stage, he apparently referred to the pair as "Phat Dunk" or "Paft Dunk" or something.

While neither of the artist's reps have confirmed the joke, Arcade Fire shattered the dreams of many, many fans in a most hilarious way. Coachella, you just got Daft Punk'd. Check out a few clips from the performance below.



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