04/22/2014 03:49 pm ET Updated Apr 22, 2014

How 'Glamour' Editor-In-Chief Cindi Leive Stays Glamorous (VIDEO)

As you can imagine, Glamour's Editor-In-Chief Cindi Leive has quite the packed schedule. But she knows the key to keeping up with her schedule is actually making time to take care of herself -- not that it's always simple.

"It has not been easy at all," she says of unplugging and de-stressing in the video above. "Like so many of the rest of us, I find it really hard."

Sleep in particular, has been an important issue for Leive, who partnered with Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-In-Chief of The Huffington Post Media Group in 2010 to challenge more women to put sleep first.

So many women, she says, are hesitant to try such a challenge, whether to get more sleep or spend less time glued to a smartphone, so Leive suggests actually scheduling bedtime or exercise into your day.

"You just want to take the commitments you have to your own health and your own happiness as seriously as you take the commitments you've made to your colleagues and to your family," she says. Check out the clip above for more.

-Posted by Sarah Klein



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