04/22/2014 12:04 pm ET Updated Apr 22, 2014

Katy Perry Makes Controversial Joke In 'Birthday' Promo

Katy Perry is a chameleon in the trailer for her music video (how is this a thing?). She plays the "world's worst birthday party entertainers," which include an old woman with a revealing neckline, a Jewish bar mitzvah emcee, a despondent clown, a creepy animal trainer and a princess with a Valley girl accent.

There's a not-so-funny joke about rabbis and circumcision, and some off-color stereotyping in here, Salon points out. Perhaps "Birthday" can still take the coveted "song of the summer" title, as Vulture wrote, but maybe it's time for Perry to quit the whole pissing-people-off-with-cultural-costumes thing.

Perry has yet to release the actual music video for her single "Birthday," but has already debuted a lyric video and this bizarre trailer. Where, we must ask, is the actual video? And can it please be free of "Yosef Shulem"? (The creepy animal trainer can take a walk too.)



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