04/22/2014 05:44 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2014

Rebel Wilson Tweets First Photo Of 'Pitch Perfect 2' Rehearsals

"Pitch Perfect 2" is well on its way to being aca-mazing. Rebel Wilson tweeted a photo from the first day of rehearsal for the highly-anticipated sequel. Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, Ester Dean, Brittany Snow, Kelley Jakle, Alexis Knapp and Hanna Mae Lee (she's blonde now!) posed for a pic against a "Pitch Perfect 2" mural while on set.

Deke Sharon, who served as the music director for the first film, also tweeted about the first day of rehearsal in Baton Rouge. "Today PP2 aca-boot camp BEGINS!!! Drop and give me 40 (semitones)," he wrote.

Last week, Banks, who will direct the film, noted that "Pitch Perfect 2" will jump in time and will follow Wilson and Anna Kendrick's characters through graduation from Barden University. Even though the follow-up film won't be released for over a year, we ... can't ... wait.