04/23/2014 10:34 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Judge To Murderer: 'Do I Need To Bind And Gag You?'

A man convicted in the 1987 double murder of his sister and brother-in-law lashed out in court during his sentencing, prompting Judge Jon Hulsing to fire back with his own form of justice.

Hulsing threatened to "bind and gag" Ryan Wyngarden following an hour-long rant in which the killer accused detectives of coercing his wife -- who is also divorcing him -- into making false statements against him. He also appealed to god for mercy and made personal verbal attacks on both the judge and detectives.

"They [detectives] mentally raped my wife into this," Wyngarden told the courtroom, before calling the judge a liar.

Hulsing then sentenced Wyngarden to two life sentences, according to the Detroit Free Press. He lost his patience when Wyngarden interrupted him.

"Do I need to bind you and gag you, sir? Because we’ll have the deputies go out and duct tape you if it’s necessary, but you’re going to listen,” Hulsing said in court, according to WXMI. “This was a brutal homicide. You are a brutal cold-blooded murderer… there is only one sentence that is appropriate for a cold-blooded murderer who kills two people."

Last month, Wyngarden was found guilty in the November 1987 shooting deaths of Rick and Gail Brink. Police said that the motive was that Wyngarden was jealous of the successful couple, but that he also wanted to "keep secret a dark past of sexual episodes with his sister when they were young teens," according to Michigan Live. Gail Brink died because Wyngarden worried she would say something about their past encounters, police said.

His sister, Cheryl Murphree, spoke our following the verdict.

"I still love him. He's my brother. But I hate what he did and I hate the person he became," Murphee said, according to Michigan Live. "My sister has been dead for 27 years because of his act. It hurts my heart."

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