04/23/2014 02:31 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2014

Wrigley Field's Celebrity Singers Ranked From Most Cringe-Worthy To Least

Jonathan Daniel via Getty Images

In the years since the 1998 death of legendary Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray, his seventh-inning stretch tradition of singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" has continued to live on at Wrigley Field.

Officials at Wrigley -- which celebrates its 100th birthday Wednesday -- began recruiting guest "conductors," many of them celebrities passing through town on tours or press junkets, to lead the crowd in song after Caray passed away.

Some of the renditions have left a lot to be desired, proving that leading the stretch isn't quite as easy as it might look. In fact, some of the eardrum-shattering performances through the years are said to have finally prompted the Cubs to limit the tradition to only local Chicago celebrities or former Cubs players beginning last year.

In honor of the Friendly Confines' centennial, we've ranked some of the most memorable seventh-inning stretch performances, from strikeouts to home runs.

Wrigley Singers