04/24/2014 07:42 pm ET Updated Apr 24, 2014

10 Ways to Not Make People Hate You as a Bride | Yahoo

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As my high school Spanish teacher once said, "pretty girls do pretty things."

A couple of weeks ago, Faran Krencil made a solid case for eschewing bridesmaids duties, but the fact remains most of us will continue to do our due diligence as friends and sisters and cousins and in-laws and stand next to a lady we love as she promises forever to a tuxedoed gent (or another lady). Also, women are notoriously bad at saying no-so bridesmaids, as a species will most certainly continue on. Two years ago I had nine bridesmaids at my wedding in Bermuda. I like to believe that they loved me-and liked me-just as much before I got engaged as they did after I made it down the aisle. I believe I was a fairly laidback bride, but I can see how the stress of a wedding can turn even the even-keeled into a snippy, histrionic stranger to herself, her loved ones and her betrothed. Below are 10 ways to maintain solid relations through this very happy time. Warning: brides are not going to like them all.