04/24/2014 05:58 pm ET

19-Year-Old With Cancer Offers A Heartbreaking Farewell To All Of His Facebook Fans

A teen with cancer was not ready to let his fans go without a proper goodbye.

Stephen Sutton, a 19-year-old from England, has been chronicling his battle with cancer on social media since last January after he found out it his disease is incurable. He has amassed a following of more than 300,000 on his Facebook page, "Stephen's story," and almost 150,000 on Twitter. He has also raised more than $3 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust via JustGiving.com.

But after his lung collapsed on Sunday, Sutton thought the end was near. So, he offered up a "final thumbs up" to those who have supported him.

"I will continue fighting for as long as I can, and whatever happens next I want you all to know I am currently in a good place mentally and at ease with the situation," he wrote on Facebook Tuesday. "That's it from me. But life has been good. Very good."

He also gave thanks to all those close to him.

"Thank you to my mum and the rest of my family for everything," he said. "Thank you to my friends for being amazing. Thank you to my medical team for the hard work and effort they've continually they've put towards me. And thank you everyone else for sharing this wonderful journey with me."

The post has since garnered more than 140,000 likes. Sutton tweeted about the response:

Sutton took to Facebook on Thursday to inform fans that he is "still here and fighting," although his recovery was very "unexpected."

His goal is to take it day by day.