04/25/2014 12:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

6 'Peter Pan' Characters Cara Delevingne Should Portray

It's time for yet another adaptation of the fantasy-adventure film "Peter Pan," this time with major players like Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried in tow. But, it's the news that model and apparently actress, Cara Delevingne will also have a role in the upcoming "Pan" that's really got us interested.

While we wait to see which character she will be set to play, we think Cara could portray a variety of the characters. Although some of the roles have been taken (namely Peter, Captain Hook and Tiger Lily), there's still some slots open for the model to, let's just say, strike a pose.

But, if we had to cast Cara based on her style (and funny faces), these would be our picks:

Peter Pan

cara peter pan

The modern-day dreamer from our imaginations.


cara tinkerbell

Little green dress? No problem.

Mr. Smee

cara smee

The red beanie is channeling Smee all the way.

Captain Hook

cara captain hook

Cara's got the faces, but Miley could give her a run for her money.


cara wendy

Nightgown realness.

The Lost Boys

She has a great animal onesie game, so we're pretty sure she could be any of the Lost Boys.



The Many Faces Of Cara Delevingne