04/28/2014 10:49 am ET Updated Apr 29, 2014

Paul Simon And Edie Brickell Arrested For Disorderly Conduct (UPDATED)

Paul Simon and wife Edie Brickell have been arrested for disorderly conduct, NBC reports. Police said Simon, 72, and Brickell, 48, were charged in New Canaan, Conn., on Saturday, April 26.

There are conflicting reports, with some outlets indicating the arrest was a result of domestic violence. It would appear New Canaan Police initially stated that both Simon and Brickell were booked for domestic violence, but have now confirmed they are facing disorderly conduct charges.

According to the most recent news release from local law enforcement, officers arrived to investigate a "family dispute" at 8:20 p.m., and found probable cause to make an arrest. Both Simon and Brickell have since been released on the basis they appear for arraignment at Norwalk Superior Court on April 28.

As of publish, Simon's rep has not responded to The Huffington Post's request for comment.

UPDATE: Simon and Brickell appeared in court on April 28. Simon admitted the couple had a physical altercation, but insisted they are now "fine together." “We had an argument, which is atypical of us," he explained, "Neither of us has any fear, or any reason to be threatened.”

The New York Daily News reports that Judge William Wenzel declined to issue a protective order in response to the initial charges, provided there are “no acts, or threats of violence with respect to either party.”

Simon's lawyer Allan Cramer explained the situation as “a normal husband-and-wife" interaction. “Paul didn't want to discuss it and she did," Cramer said, "He tried to leave and she kind of locked the door. I don't think he started the shoving." Brickell's mother then called the police.



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