04/29/2014 04:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Kid Can't Contain His Excitement When He's Treated To A Lamborghini Birthday Party

Sometimes, all it takes to make a wish come true is to ask. That's exactly what one father in California did when he wanted to throw his son a seventh birthday party he would never forget.

All Jacob wanted was to go for a spin in a Lamborghini, for which he had already started saving money. So, on April 8, Jacob's father Nick Stern wrote to Lamborghini North Los Angeles on Facebook to see if the car dealership would be able to throw his son a Lamborghini birthday party.

"How could we say no to that?" Lamborghini North Los Angeles later explained in a blog post.

So the California car dealership reached out to several Lamborghini owners in order to make Jacob's dream come true. But, instead of just one Lamborghini, an entire fleet showed up on Jacob's street for his seventh birthday earlier this month.

The over-excited 7-year-old got the chance to ride in a Lamborghini Aventador, while a slew of other Lamborghinis -- including the "Batventador" -- followed in a colorful procession.

Now that's some birthday party.

h/t Hypervocal

Correction: An earlier version of this article included a post from Stern to a different Lamborghini Facebook page.

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