04/29/2014 03:38 pm ET Updated Apr 29, 2014

Larry Wilmore On Donald Sterling, Cliven Bundy: 'What A Week To Be Senior Black Correspondent!'

The NBA announcing that Donald Sterling has been banned for life might be the culmination of one of the more eventful weeks of late for racism in America, and no one knows that better than "The Daily Show's" Larry Wilmore.

"What a week to be Senior Black Correspondent!" said the frequent "TDS" contributor. "In one news cycle we've got libertarian cowboy racists, old Jewish sports racists, and dudes bragging about their black friends through a KKK hood... MWAH!"

"It is a rich tapestry," Stewart responded.

The two then went on to try to get to the bottom of what white people seem to be so mad about lately. "Other than white people being crazy," Wilmore explained, "I think it comes down to their fear that black people are gaining something at their expense..."

Watch the full clip above.



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