04/30/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This #DinnerCam Is Everything That's Wrong With Foodie Culture


Everyone's familiar with the overwhelming trend of taking photos of your food and sharing it for all the world to see and no one to care on social media. Whether you're sick of this practice or guilty and not ashamed of it, you can probably agree that THIS is a little silly:

food photos


Well, THIS has just reached another level. A South African internet provider called MWEB has just introduced the #dinnercam -- a portable lighting studio to improve your food photo game (and also signify the end of days). The #dinnercam is everything we hate about foodie culture.

First of all, it comes with the hashtag -- as in, it would be improper to simply call it the "dinnercam." It's the #dinnercam, thank you very much. Second, it's specifically meant for food photos shared on social media. Can't we all just enjoy a meal that isn't shared on Instagram?

By providing different lighting options, the #dinnercam illuminates your dish just right so that you don't even need a filter. Now, you can share your beautiful plate of food, #nofilter, and wow everyone with your natural ability in photography. Right. The whole thing makes no sense and it's the epitome of what we dislike about foodies sharing photos. We're not morally opposed to food photography, but this is taking it too far.

The #dinnercam device is currently at a Cape Town-based restaurant called El Burro. Would you use it if it was at a restaurant near you?

To see the #dinnercam in action, check out this video:

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