04/30/2014 04:18 pm ET Updated Apr 30, 2014

Miranda Kerr And Orlando Bloom May Be The Most Amicable Exes Ever

Matt Sayles / Invision/ AP

We're calling it: Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are the most amicable celebrity exes ever.

Six months after separating, Kerr, 31, and Bloom, 37, still keep it chummy, getting together for play-dates with their three-year-old son and chatting every day, the supermodel tells Harper's Bazaar U.K. in the June issue of the magazine.

"We are very good. We speak every day," Kerr says of Bloom, whom she was married to for three years before calling it quits. "We're really close, we're going to be a family forever and we both really do love each other. We have genuine love and respect for each other."

The Aussie beauty adds: "We're very connected and I feel grateful for that. We created something beautiful together and we both remind ourselves how lucky we are to have that. And yeah, it's good. He's a great dad. I'm lucky."

Kerr, who also parted ways with Victoria's Secret last year, told the magazine that she's made an effort to stay positive in the wake of the separation.

"Everyone goes through challenging periods in their life," she says "That's inevitable and it's part of being human ... I feel like it's a daily process to be positive. It's something that's a choice and I have different tools, like meditation, even prayer -- my grandmother taught me to pray when I was young -- and just finding that inner peace."

Kerr's not alone in insisting that the couple's separation has been a peaceful one. Just three days after announcing the split, Bloom sat down with Katie Couric and said that he and Miranda will always be "family."

"We're going to be in each other’s lives for the rest of our lives," he said. "Life sometimes doesn't work out as we plan, but fortunately we're both adults.”

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