05/02/2014 06:16 pm ET Updated May 02, 2014

The Jerk's Guide To Getting Into A Game For Free -- And Scoring Free Food And Beer

If you're into playing dirty, let this Hacks of Life video teach you how to get into any game for free.

The methods are morality-free, but the operative word here is "free," so let's proceed.

In the viral clip above, our intrepid Dodger fan seeks to complete the "grand scam" -- stadium entry, hot dog, alcohol and ball -- without paying a cent. Some moments appear legit and some -- like choking to get beer from the stranger in the next seat -- not so much. Fact or fiction, this stadium caper will give you some good bad ideas.

The All-Star fraudster leads off by walking to the Dodger Stadium gate with a baby bottle filled with a White Russian. He tells the staff that he left his ticket back inside the stadium with his wife and baby. And it gets crazier from there.

He's funny. He's obnoxious. And he perfectly sums up the other national pastime: trying to get something for nothing.

(h/t Daily Dot)