05/02/2014 01:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Woman Gets Probation For Sex Abuse Of Best Friend's Teen Son

A woman who sexually abused her best friend's teenage son for two years was sentenced to five years probation on Thursday.

Karen Carstens, 43, was convicted of sexual abuse of a child on Wednesday. KHOU reports that the abuse began in 2007, when Carstens volunteered to babysit her best friend's 13-year-old son while the other woman was in the hospital.

According to court documents, what initially started as touching eventually progressed to oral sex, which the victim said that Cartstens performed on him at least four times, including once in his family's living room.

In May 2009, while the boy's mother was again hospitalized, the victim and Carstens had sex on a couch, after which the boy cried because he was afraid of impregnating the woman.

About a month later, he and Carstens had anal sex in an upstairs bedroom. According to court documents, the victim said he suggested that method because he was again afraid of getting Carstens pregnant.

The Houston Press published graphic details from court documents:

The boy "stated that he asked [Carstens] if he 'could have sex up the ass because he didn't have a condom,'" the court documents say. "Complainant stated [Carstens] refused at first citing that it would cause her pain but agreed to the request. [The boy] stated that he inserted his penis inside [her] rectum and that he 'ejaculated' inside the anus."

Carstens left Texas and moved to Maryland later in 2009, ending her relations with the victim. Investigators said she asked the boy not to tell anyone about what they'd done because she would “get in trouble,” according to KHOU.

Authorities found out and eventually gathered enough evidence to bring the case to trial April 24, the station reported.

Outside court after the verdict was reached, her victim, who is not identified, gave an interview with KHOU.

"I feel like she deserved everything that she got," the young man, now 19, told the station.

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