Celebrate 'Star Wars' Day With These 7 Movies

Sunday, May 4, is not just Sunday, May 4: It's also, Star Wars Day, aka May the Fourth Be With You. To celebrate, fans can either watch "Star Wars Kid" for a little throwback fun or these movies featuring the newest additions to the "Star Wars" universe. (We suggest the latter option, but we won't begrudge anyone who decides to do both.) Ahead, seven films that feature John Boyega, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac and the rest of the "Episode VII" newcomers.

"Attack The Block"

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Why? Because even though you actually have to buy this one, "Attack the Block" provides a great sense of what made J.J. Abrams pick the relatively unknown John Boyega to be his lead in "Episode VII." (It's also just a really fun movie.)

"Inside Llewyn Davis"

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Why? Because everyone should see "Inside Llewyn Davis," since it was one of the most impressive films released in 2013, and because Oscar Isaac completely owns as the likeable unlikeable lead.

"Frances Ha"

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Why? Because "Frances Ha" allows Adam Driver to be charming in a way that "Girls" does not. He might be the reported "Episode VII" villain, but even villains need to have some charisma.

"About Time"

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Why? Because, man, Domhnall Gleeson is just great in this movie.

"Blue Season"

Why? Because Daisy Ridley doesn't have much else on her resume.

"13 Going on 30"

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Why? Because Andy Serkis is rarely not motion-captured, and "13 Going On 30" shows off some of his human-acting chops. (Plus, it's a lot better than Serkis' Ian Dury movie.)

"The Seventh Seal"

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Why? Because as editor/writer Stu VanAirsdale commented on Twitter, Max von Sydow "once acted opposite the original Death Star."



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