05/02/2014 11:02 am ET Updated May 02, 2014

Watch This Teen Take His Great-Grandmother To Her First Prom

Having your parents chaperone prom? Not so great. Taking your great-grandmother to her first prom? There's nothing better.

And that's exactly what Austin Dennison of Rockford, Ohio found out when he took his great-grandmother Delores, 89, to his senior prom at Parkway High School.

“I respect my elders greatly,” the 19-year-old student told Fox News. “They have a great influence on my life. To be able to sit down and talk to them and learn from them and their experiences is a great thing.”

Delores Dennison had not been able to attend her own prom because money was an issue. Even so, when Austin called a few months ago to invite her to prom, she asked if he wouldn't rather take a girl from his class. His response? No way.

“At first she was a bit resistant,” Austin told Fox News. “I assured her I was serious and she finally said yes. It was my privilege to take her.”

Even her search for a prom dress was an adventure. Delores told Fox News that most of the dresses were either too high or too low. "I didn't want any of that," she said.

Eventually she settled on a lovely blue dress and clutch purse.

“The purse was for my necessities -– my nitro and my puffer that I use for breathing,” she told Fox News.

Needless to say, she was the belle of the ball during a night she'll surely never forget. Sweetest of all was the pair's slow dance to Frank Sinatra's 1941 hit "Dolores" -- a song her late husband used to sing to her.

Dennison certainly isn't the first teen to make headlines by doing a good deed.

In 2012, a 14-year-old student named Dakota Edwards found a wallet filled with several hundred dollars while waiting for her school bus. Rather than claiming the money for herself, she turned the wallet in to her principal.

And Dennison's not even the first teen to bring a relative to prom.

In 2011, a student named Malcolm Pichon took his mother to prom since she'd been unable to attend her own dance 20-plus years earlier.

But he might be the first teen to make a great-grandmother feel so special. Let's all say it together -- Aww!



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