05/03/2014 11:02 am ET Updated May 03, 2014

Hilary Duff Talks Mike Comrie Separation

Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie may have separated, but that doesn't mean they are completely done with each other.

The actress opened up about the status of her relationship with her ex while chatting with E! News' Giuliana Rancic on the iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet on May 1.

"I think it was hard for people to ... We're constantly seen together and everyone's like, 'What are they doing? Are they back together or are they not?'" Duff told Rancic. "We're really good friends and we have so much respect for each other, and, obviously, Luca is our No. 1 priority. I think we got to a point where we were like, 'We really need to honor happiness, and so, whatever that is and however we need to sort that out or work that out, we're doing that. You know, we love each other so much and we really love spending time together. So when you see us out it's not just for Luca -- it's because we make plans and we hang out. We don't know what our future looks like right now, but we're both doing really good and just figuring out, you know, what makes us happy."

Rancic broached the topic of their relationship because photos have surfaced showing Duff and Comrie hanging out together despite having separated back in January after three years of marriage.

After news of the separation broke, a source told People magazine there was no big incident behind the split. Rather, the two just drifted apart.

"They tried couples therapy, but in the end, they realized at this time, they work better as friends," the source added. "And they really are great friends."



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