05/05/2014 07:12 pm ET Updated May 05, 2014

Heavy Metal Lyrics Read As Poetry Is Pretty. Pretty Hardcore (VIDEO)

Who could more eloquently express the goring of a person other than a heavy metal artist? Who could so perfectly capture the true essence and beauty of human suffering and pain?

Luckily, Metal Outlaw TV is here to highlight the lyrical grace of metal.

Metal Outlaw TV is a web series founded by Scottish film maker Colin Wood that features metal songs read by Big C in spoken word poetry form. According to the website, the series is to "showcase promising metal and hard rock acts based in Scotland and beyond."

In the video above Big C reads the immortal words of "Decapitation Fornication" by Infant Annihilation:

I'm obsessively stabbing you
The blood is drowning you
As you gargle and you spew
Bodily fluids fill your lungs

Ahhh, Emily Dickinson would be proud, and Edgar Allan Poe is in his grave applauding.