05/05/2014 08:13 am ET Updated May 05, 2014

Could Katie Couric Be Coming Back To 'Today'?

Could Katie Couric be coming back to the "Today" show? Could she reunite with Matt Lauer to recreate the superstar duo that held the hated "Good Morning America" at bay for so many years?

Could dreams really...come true?

First, some clarification: there are articles in both of New York's leading tabloids that say the idea is being batted around inside NBC News. Couric would fill in for Savannah Guthrie when she goes on maternity leave, the Post and Daily News say. Lauer and Couric were reportedly seen talking at a party, and Couric and Guthrie were seen talking at another party, so who knows?

As for how, y'know, actual these ideas are? Well, that's a different story. Both pieces stress that there have been no "official" discussions between the Couric camp and NBC, making the whole thing a nice possibility rather than something real. Couric has talked in the past about previous "cautious overtures" coming to her from "Today" that turned into nothing. She has a new job with Yahoo, and has spent the last couple of years with ABC News, even hosting "GMA" for a memorable week. She's also going on "GMA" next week to promote her new book.

But getting Couric back on "Today" would be a coup for NBC, and the network is probably willing to try anything to beat its ABC rival. "Stay tuned," an NBC spokeswoman told the Daily News. OK, we will!