05/05/2014 11:03 am ET Updated May 07, 2014

Major TV Networks Trash Netflix, Want It To Be Like Amazon And Hulu

Major TV networks are streaming mad.

At the Cable Show in Los Angeles last week, TV Executives from various networks, including Nickelodeon, FX, Showtime and AMC, appeared on a panel and collectively complained about Netflix. But they weren't mad about the buffering speed, limited selection, or any of that important stuff. The main complaint was the lack of network branding, according to Gigaom.

FX Networks EVP of Research Julie Piepenkotter even went on to say that due to lack of branding, "'Breaking Bad' did a whole lot more for Netflix than Netflix did for 'Breaking Bad.'" (Jeez, sounds like someone just received her new Netflix bill.)

Execs complained that Netflix's streaming programs don't have an intro identifying the network on which they originally aired. Hulu and Amazon have this feature, and execs say that is why they have better relationships with those services and why HBO licensed its content to Amazon.

Another major grievance was that Netflix should have branded pages for each network, better reflecting Hulu's model.

It should be noted that though Netflix does lack network specific pages, users are able to search by TV network to find content associated with it.

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