05/05/2014 01:33 pm ET Updated May 05, 2014

Wisconsin GOP Votes Down Secession Resolution

Wisconsin Republicans made clear that they want their state to remain part of the union, voting down a resolution at their party convention on Saturday that would have asserted the right to secede under "extreme circumstances."

The measure would have given state lawmakers the green light to push through legislation nullifying Obamacare, Common Core education standards and the use of drones in Wisconsin.

Promoting secession and nullification struck many as anathema to what the party of Abraham Lincoln was supposed to be about and caused divisions in the party between the supporters and opponents of the resolution.

Conservative Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes has called the resolution "crackpotism on steroids."

But Don Hilbig, a delegate from Beloit, argued that secession was still important.

"The only way secession was considered was on the battlefield,” he said at the convention, according to the Associated Press. "Of course, secession lost on that. But in the court system, secession is still an open question. So it should be retained as a sovereign right."

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) had come out against the resolution, and last week 50 Republicans in the state Assembly sent a letter urging delegates to vote against it.

Convention-goers did end up approving resolutions opposing Common Core and backing gun rights, an expansion of charter school and voucher programs, and so-called "right to work" legislation.



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