05/06/2014 10:53 am ET

This Was The Best Selfie Taken At The 2014 Met Gala

Besides the enchanting fashion at the Met Gala, another one of our favorite parts of the evening is watching all the amazing celeb encounters. (Because seeing famous people meet/interact/goof-around with other famous people is kind of like seeing a unicorn.)

While press was on hand during the red carpet portion of the evening to watch it all go down, inside the venue we had to rely on tweets and Instagrams, straight from the A-listers, to see the action unfold.

And thankfully, famed makeup artist Gucci Westman was on hand to capture one of the best interactions of the night. Westman took a photo of Rihanna, Stella McCartney and Bill Cunningham taking a selfie (kind of meta, no?), in what can only be described as the perfect shot. We're not sure what our favorite part of this photo is: The fact that an R&B singer, high-fashion designer and 85-year-old photographer are in the same picture, or the face that Ri is making?

Between this Insta and the epic photobomb earlier in the night, it was clear that team Stella McCartney was the funnest of the night.



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