05/06/2014 12:59 pm ET

Shailene Woodley And Lena Dunham Prove The Met Gala Can Be Fun, Too

The Met Gala serves as an opportunity to see some of the biggest names in the film, music and fashion industries dressed to the nines and completely decked in glam. Thanks to professional photogs, there were plenty of gorgeous shots to go around.

These days, however, social media gives us what we want even more -- an inside look into what's really going on both inside the event and at the after parties. Thankfully, a slew of those photos have surfaced too, and from the looks of at least one, the Met Gala is way more fun than you might think.

Lena Dunham and Shailene Woodley, two of Hollywood's sweethearts and what we can only hope are budding best friends, took a break from the flashing lights to make some funny faces, which Rodarte then posted to their Instagram. (Woodley wore the designer to the event.)

It's so refreshing to see these ladies cutting a little loose at such a high profile event. We just hope Ms. Wintour didn't catch them goofing off. Something tells us that wouldn't go over so well with her white-tie theme for the evening.

Check out the awesome photo below, and to see all the looks from the Met Gala red carpet, click here.

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