05/07/2014 05:55 pm ET Updated May 08, 2014

Arianna Talks To Oprah About What It Takes To Thrive (VIDEO)

Arianna recently sat down with Oprah for an episode of "Super Soul Sunday" that premieres this Sunday, Mother's Day. During the hour-long interview, she spoke about her new book, Thrive, her spiritual wake-up call, motherhood, and the dreams she willingly gave up.

In the above clip from the episode, Arianna talks about her personal assessment of her goals, sharing that she conducted a critical "life audit" more than two decades ago.

"I did a life audit when I was 40," Arianna, now 63, tells Oprah. "I just looked through all the projects that I thought I was going to do -- including becoming a good skier, learning to cook, learning German... -- and realized I'm never going to do that. I'm never going to become a good skier. So, I actually gave them up."

Abandoning these life goals wasn't a negative experience for Arianna. "I realized how liberating it is to complete a project by dropping it, and then be able to focus on the things that I'm really going to put my energy into -- what really matters to me," she says.

Oprah, too, has seen how this shift in priorities can be life-affirming. "So many people who respond to us… have seen themselves in that whirlwind of living your life based on what other people wanted in the first place," she says. "And then you realize, 'But is that really what I want? Why am I striving, striving, striving for that?'"

"Yes," Arianna says. "Are we living our dream or are we living somebody else's dream? Or what society considers valuable?"

Arianna's interview airs on "Super Soul Sunday" on OWN this Sunday, May 11, at 11 a.m. ET, when it also streams worldwide on Oprah.com, Facebook.com/owntv and Facebook.com/supersoulsunday.