05/07/2014 11:24 am ET Updated May 07, 2014

Italian Football Grandma Kicks Serious Ball

Quick -- somebody get this woman to the World Cup! Without the aid of cleats or shin guards, this mysterious older Italian woman joined an impromptu game of soccer -- or "calcio" as the Italians say -- in the streets of Rome earlier this week.

Wearing a skirt and balancing her purse on her shoulder, the spunky grandma showed she can keep up with the best of the boys -- and even outdo them. In the video, first reported by Italian news sites, she dribbles, passes, and even does some impressive keep-ups!

We're not sure who she is, but Australia's says local papers in Italy are trying to track the woman down and find out if perhaps she was a player herself in her younger days.

Just one of many reminders that age is nothing but a number. Remember Edna, the 97-year-old whose squats put us to shame? Or the incredible drummer Grandma that rocked our socks off?

Just sayin'... Ronaldo better watch his back.

(h/t The Local)



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