05/07/2014 12:02 pm ET Updated 5 days ago

Lion Cubs Get Tossed Into Water For Swim Test, Cuteness Ensues

The Washington Post via Getty Images

Typically, we're not big fans of throwing animals into water. But in this case, we're making an exception.

The staff at the Smithsonian National Zoo performed swim tests on four of the six cubs that were born at the zoo this year.

lion cub

Because the cats frequently play near the moats in the zoo, it is imperative that the zookeepers know they can keep their heads above the surface in case they are knocked into the water.

lion cub

After the cubs complete their test, which takes about 30 seconds, they get dried off by the Great Cats keepers and let back into their encampment.

lion cub

To see the full video of the swim test, check out the clip below.