05/07/2014 03:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mary Kate And Ashley's 'New York Minute' Is Still Awful 10 Years Later, And We Love It Anyway

Rafy/Warner Brothers

Before we get all nostalgic about Mary Kate and Ashley's "New York Minute," which turns 10 today, let's be honest with ourselves. With a rating of 11 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, "New York Minute" was anything but a critical success. To quote the late film critic Roger Ebert: "This is a dumb movie about dumb people and there's nothing funny or charming or engaging about it."

Regardless, you'd think any movie starring the Olsen twins would have been a total cash cow. This one was not: "New York Minute" was a major box office fail, too. Womp womp.

The only place this movie ever mattered was in our tween hearts. Because "New York Minute" had everything we were obsessed with back in 2004:

Exhibit A: T-Mobile Sidekicks

tmobile sidekick 2004

According to IMDB, the girls are talking into their phones incorrectly throughout the entire film. Yep, they're speaking into and listening into the side that has no speaker and no microphone. Did we pick up on that? No. Did we beg our parents for T-mobile sidekicks immediately upon exiting the theater? You bet we did.

Exhibit B: Red Bull


MK plays Roxy, a hardcore rocker chick who needs Red Bull to function. If you were a tween 10 years ago, you probably have fond memories of ingesting the foul energy drink and running around like a "total spazz" in Limited Too. Good times.


Forget the self-help books: Simple Plan was chicken soup for the teenage soul. When your parents didn't get you that aforementioned T-Mobile sidekick, you undoubtedly found yourself playing, "I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare" over and over on your iPod Mini. So the fact that Simple Plan performs an original song in the movie? Our angsty hearts couldn't have asked for more.

Admittedly, this movie makes no more sense than it did 10 years ago (which, even then, was about zero). If our poor parents have any memory of chaperoning us to see it, they were no doubt echoing Ebert's sentiments the entire ride home.

But if there's any doubt that the tween infatuation for "New York Minute" was even a bit exaggerated, let me kindly place this conversation from Yahoo answers right here:




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