05/07/2014 10:42 am ET Updated May 07, 2014

After Heated Debate, New York Is On Its Way To Being 'The Yogurt State'

AP Images for Chobani

New York's fawning love affair with yogurt was further cemented this week when lawmakers passed a bill declaring it the state's official snack.

But the designation did not come without protest. In fact, the foibles of democracy were on full display Tuesday afternoon as state senators debated for nearly an hour over the delicate intricacies of such a high honor.

"New York is now the number one processor of yogurt in the country," the bill, introduced by Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer, read. "Increasing demand for milk, the primary component in yogurt, has helped to support and grow our dairy industry and provide important economic growth to our rural communities."

It was eventually passed 52-8. Buzzfeed was present for the heated debate:

Such concerns continued to be raised, but came to a very necessary halt after one senator reminded his fellow officials they were still there, still disputing each other over yogurt.

“Almost 7 o’clock and we are here discussing yogurt,” Senator Rubén Díaz Sr. noted during the vote.

The bill now moves to the State Assembly, where it remains to be seen if such rousing debate will be repeated.

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