05/07/2014 03:52 pm ET Updated May 07, 2014

Wendy Williams Explains Why She Won't Ask Certain Questions Anymore

Wendy Williams said Wednesday that there are some lines she crossed as a radio host years ago that she would not cross today.

The daytime host appeared on HuffPost Live where she compared her days as a radio host to her current career on daytime television. Williams said she has no regrets about her days as a shock jock, and that her attitude towards celebrities has changed as she has gotten more mature. "It's not really about being nicer, it's about growing up," she remarked.

One example, she said, is how she might have asked a celebrity about wanting children in the past. "That is a very sensitive topic, so I will not ask that," Williams said.

When Hill brought up her history of suggesting that certain rappers were gay, Williams also said, "Don't think I need to go there anymore." She continued, "You don't ask things like that when you're on a daytime talk show on [a] network. There is a certain way that you carry and conduct yourself and I think that my show, our partners, my producers and me do a very good job of working together for me to walk the line."

Watch the rest of Williams' comments in the clip above.