05/08/2014 03:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bar Fight Starts After Miley Cyrus Conversation In Illinois

If you're in a bar in Joliet, Illinois, and a fellow patron suddenly starts talking about Miley Cyrus, be afraid. Be very afraid.

That's because a group of brawling, twentysomething men are accused of starting a bar fight after bringing up the pop singer in conversation.

The alleged brawl took place Sunday around 9 p.m. in Lety's Place.

Three suspects -- Daniel Lahey, 26; Robert Krapil, 27; and Ryan Elliot, 27 -- walked into the bar and "started talking about Miley Cyrus," police told Joliet Patch.

The trio then taunted a man for drinking "Mexican beer," according to Donnie Rice, one of the the alleged victims hurt in the fracas.

"There was a racial slur about him being a Mexican and he (was) drinking a Corona beer and that he should be drinking American beer instead of a Mexican beer and told him to go over and sit over at the other end of the bar with all of the other Mexicans," Rice told Joliet Patch.

The three suspects then started a "Melee Cyrus," beating up the Corona drinker, his girlfriend and Rice, who did not know the other victims.

Rice told Joliet Patch he stepped into the brawl because the Hispanic man was knocked out cold in the attack.

"He was knocked out and they were still kicking him in the face and stepping on the back of his head and still hitting him, kicking him while he was down," Rice told Joliet Patch.

Lahey, Krapil and Elliot, were arrested and charged with simple battery, Gawker reports.

They were later released on their own recognizance, according to NBC Chicago.

Rice is speaking out about the attack because he feels the racial slurs before the fight broke out warrant stronger charges.

Sunday's "wrecking brawl" may not be the only fight picked by the Cyrus gang.

Detectives said Elliot was picked out of a police photo lineup by a man whose nose was allegedly broken in a different incident, according to Design & Trend.

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