05/09/2014 09:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Good Guy Biker Stops Ride, Helps Blind Man, Wins At Life (VIDEO)

Bikers have long had a somewhat unseemly reputation, one that calls to mind leather jackets, tattoos and guys who prefer to be called "Roadhog."

And even though this rider is technically on a scooter, we'll go ahead and say he's doing bikers everywhere a solid.

While on a ride in Vancouver, British Columbia, last year, this good guy biker happened upon a blind man who was walking in the road. Instead of zipping past, as many of his companions did, the biker pulled a U-turn and helped the elderly blind man on his way.

The biker recorded the entire interaction on his helmet cam, and uploaded the inspiring moment to YouTube.

"Excuse me, sir, there's a sidewalk just 3 or 4 feet over to your left side," the polite biker says as he approaches the man, who replies, gratefully, "Can you walk me over there?"

After parking his bike, the hero gently grabs the man's hand, leads him to the sidewalk, and points him in the direction of town. As he walks away, he offers, cheerily, "Have a nice day, sir!"

Bikers have been on a roll lately (pun intended) with their good deeds. Last month, a biker gave a ride to a man who'd just missed the bus, and last year, a motorcyclist even saved a woman's coffee cup mid-ride.

Watch the biker help the blind man, above.

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