Centric TV Partners With Author Eunique Jones Gibson For 'Because Of Her, I Can' Documentary

As Mother’s Day weekend begins, Centric TV has partnered with author-photographer, Eunique Jones Gibson for the special premiere of “Because Of Her, I Can.”

Derived from Gibson’s popular movement and photo anthology book, “Because Of Them, We Can,” the 30-minute documentary features notable public figures including rapper-actor Common, and Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price, discussing how their mothers influenced their lives and offering advice on how to protect and nurture children’s dreams.

“Developing the concept behind ‘Because of Her, I Can’ felt like a natural extension,” Gibson explained to The Huffington Post. “The entire movement we are working to build is about both acknowledging and honoring those who have helped paved the way. While some of these individuals are people we've learned about throughout history, or may read about in books or even turn on the television and see in action, there are every day heroes in our personal lives and communities who play a larger role in shaping who we are.”

“Everyone has a ‘HER,’ whether it's your mother, sister, auntie or grandmother. We all have a personal testimony that aligns with Because of HER, I can. I think Kevin Durant displayed that during his acceptance speech for MVP. Because of Her I Can will be an avenue to share stories like that in a way that we can all relate to.”

In addition to celebrating mother, the multi-talented cultural activist is also in the process of shaping a tribute to fathers aptly titled, “Because Of Him, I Can.” The supplementary project adds to Gibson’s vision to release additional coffee table books and documentaries in an attempt to enrich the lives of America’s next generation.

“We want to use every format possible to help young people understand they're connected to greatness. And, beyond being connected, that they have a responsibility to honor the legacy of these individuals through their own pursuits,” she said. “I would like to use the book and the accompanying documentary to shake hands with history. Consider how movies such as Malcolm X or even The Butler provided a visual voice and allowed stories of our history to jump off the page.”

“I'm taking notes from Spike Lee. I think that Spike Lee kicked in the door so that stories of these super heroes could come to life. Just look at how he highlighted the stories of Malcolm X, The Four Little Girls or even Michael Jordan. There are many more individuals and stories that we are unaware of and I believe that ‘Because of Them We Can’ could be the vessel to share them with the world.”

“Because Of Her, I Can” premieres Saturday, May 10th at 10 pm ET on Centric TV.



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