05/12/2014 12:15 pm ET Updated May 12, 2014

Building Opportunities For Young Adults: A Discussion On Strategies To Support The Newest Generation Of Workers (LIVESTREAM)

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Young adults and teens face significant challenges in finding quality employment in today's economy. The employment rate of teens is at its lowest point since World War II, and young adults have seen their employment rate drop by over 10 percent since 2000. For young workers, a lack of work experience can be a huge barrier to entering the labor market or finding a quality job.

More businesses have shifted away from hiring entry-level workers and investing in their training and development, and instead prioritize job candidates with experience. For those who have found employment, low wages, part-time hours, and limited advancement opportunities are not uncommon.

Join The Aspen Institute in this conversation to discuss the challenges young workers face in today's economy and ideas for expanding meaningful volunteer, on-the-job learning, and entrepreneurship opportunities to help our newest generation of workers gain the experiences and skills they need to be successful in the labor market.


Nona Willis Aronowitz, national reporter, NBC News Digital

Special Guests:

John Bridgeland, president and CEO, Civic Enterprises

Shawnice Jackson, community and youth advocate

Henry Rock, executive director and founder, City Startup Labs;

Elizabeth Shuler, secretary-treasurer/chief financial officer, AFL-CIO