05/12/2014 07:00 am ET

The 11 People You Don't Want To Go On A Road Trip With

Robert Deutschman via Getty Images

Ittttttt's ROAD TRIP SEASON! We can't wait to jump in the car and explore the country with the music on and the wind blowing through our hair.

But who you bring along on your adventure is a tough decision to make.

To avoid a disaster trip where all you want to do is punch your friends in the face, follow our guide to the 11 people you shouldn't invite on your next road trip.

1. The Person With A Tiny Bladder
They require bathroom breaks every 20 minutes and you spend hours of wasted time searching for gas stations or any place with a toilet so they can relieve themselves.

2. The Station Flipper
You know, THAT person, that's never happy with what's on the radio and feels the need to incessantly change the station. All of a sudden your jam comes on and you're happily bouncing to the beat and then all of a sudden they reach over and BAM, next thing you know you're listening to Justin Bieber.

3. The Person Who Thinks The Entire Trip Is A Sing-A-Long
They sing along to literally EVERY song. Your head will start to hurt and all you'll be wishing for is to be in a dark, quiet room alone where no one can bother you.

4. The Way Too Excited Passenger
Either they're hyped up on Slurpees or they're literally just so excited about the trip that they bounce around in quick movements that make you feel the need to slap them and tell them to "Calm the F*#!@ down!"

5. The Aggressive Driver
They make you super nervous to be in the car with them and you find your knuckles going white from clutching the handle too tightly.

6. The Terrified Driver
Possibly worse than the aggressive driver, they freak out at every little thing and your neck is starting to get whiplash from all the braking.

7. The Indecisive Person
It doesn't matter what you ask, they don't have an opinion and leave all the decision making to you. It sounds great--and it is--at first, until you realize that this entire road trip's success rides on your shoulders alone.

8. The Car Sleeper
They literally cannot keep their eyes open for more than 5 minutes in the car. Yes, they aren't talking incessantly but when you get tired of driving and have no one to talk to because your passenger is in a drooling coma, it isn't ideal.

9. The Backseat Driver
Who jerks their foot every time they think you should be breaking, tells you which lane you should be in and finds any possible way to correct the way you're driving.

10. The Person That Refuses To Stop For Anything Or Anyone
You can beg and plead saying your bladder is going to explode at any second and they will still refuse to stop and ruin their personal competition to see how fast they can get from point A to point B.

11. The Annoying Person Who Won't Stop Asking "Are We There Yet?"
The annoying kid in adult form who keeps asking if you're there yet.



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