05/14/2014 11:21 am ET Updated May 14, 2014

Danish Get-Out-The-Vote Cartoon Features Group Sex, Decapitation, The Usual (NSFW)

If sex and violence will inspire you to vote, the Danish parliament has a cartoon for you.

A buff and brutal character named Voteman decapitates a man for not casting a ballot and then emerges from a group oral sex session to inflict more punishment on others to force them into the polls. That includes throwing a young couple in the act from bed and out a window.

Seeing is believing in this smutty attempt at hipness to get younger citizens to vote in the European elections on May 25.

But it won't be seen through official channels anymore. Denmark was reportedly forced to yank the raunchy PSA from YouTube and the official parliamentary website.

"Many people whose opinions I deeply respect have perceived the cartoon from the EU information centre as far more serious and offensive than it was intended, and believe it talks down to young people," Mogens Lykketoft, speaker of the Danish parliament said, according to The Guardian.

The Independent noted that the short cost around $37,000. But of course the money will not go entirely to waste, as the clip now lives in various YouTube copies, including the one below.

Some YouTubers, at least in English, voiced their approval for the kinky election plea. "How the Danish government thinks they can get people to vote... They got mine!" wrote one.

WARNING: Video features NSFW images.

(Hat tip, New York Daily News)