Robin Wright Always Lost Parts In John Hughes Movies To Molly Ringwald

Robin Wright has built up a stellar acting career since breaking out with 1987's "Princess Bride," but her fame could have happened much sooner if it weren't for Molly Ringwald. Speaking to Town & Country for the magazine's June/July cover story, Wright revealed it was Ringwald who stood between her and the teen-movie immortality provided by John Hughes movies.

"It was always down to the wire between me and Molly Ringwald, and Molly always got the part," Wright said.

Ringwald starred for Hughes in '80s classics "Sixteen Candles" and "The Breakfast Club." She also played the lead role in "Pretty in Pink," which was written by Hughes. Wright did not elaborate on which of those Hughes films she was up for, but feel free to imagine her in this classic "Sixteen Candles" scene:

One part Wright did earn was the aforementioned "Princess Bride," where she played Princess Buttercup.

"It was my first film experience, and so you might say that I fully immersed myself in the role," Wright said to the magazine. "I did not act. It was mostly telling myself, 'Don’t be an idiot in front of Mandy Patinkin and Christopher Guest.' And Cary [Elwes] was so good looking. I was convinced we were going to be married."

For more on Wright, head to Town & Country.



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