05/16/2014 04:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

It's Endangered Species Day, But These Adorable Babies Deserve Saving Every Day Of The Year

Happy Endangered Species Day! On this day we pause to consider all the species out there that still need our help lest they be wiped from the planet forever. There are sadly quite a few of them: The World Wildlife Foundation lists around 100 species on its site, in varying degrees of critical endangerment. The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists over 20,000 animals on its Red List.

Here are just a few of those threatened species -- some more so than others, but all super cute as babies.

Amur Leopard

amur leopard cub

Lives in: Eastern Russia and Northern China.
Will grow up to: Run at speeds of nearly 40 miles per hour and leap distances of over 19 feet.
Cute factor: Awwww.

Sea Lions

sea lion baby

Lives in: Oceans around the world.
Will grow up to: Dodge their three biggest predators -- sharks, killer whales, and people.
Cute factor: We want one.

Black Rhino

black rhino baby

Lives in: Grasslands and savannas of Southern Africa
Will grow up to: Use their horns to fight off attackers and protect their young.
Cute factor: OMG

Hawksbill Turtle

hawksbill turtle young

Lives in: Tropical oceans around the world
Will grow up to: Eat a lot of sponges and therefore play a vital role in reef habitats.
Cute factor: SO TINY

Sumatran Orangutan

sumatran orangutan

Lives in: The forests of Sumatra and Borneo
Will grow up to: Live nearly its whole life in the trees.
Cute factor: TOO cute

Giant Panda

giant panda young

Lives in: The forests of Southwest China
Will grow up to: Use large wrist bones as "opposable thumbs" to eat up to 80 pounds of bamboo per day.
Cute factor: Can't look away.

Ring-tailed lemur

ring tailed lemur baby

Lives in: Madagascar
Will grow up to: Communicate via scent glands in their tails.
Cute factor: 100% adorable

Leatherback Turtle

leatherback turtle baby

Lives in: Oceans around the world
Will grow up to: Be part the largest turtle species at up to seven feet long and 2,000 pounds.
Cute factor: Squee

Mountain Gorilla

Lives in: The Congo basin
Will grow up to: Live to be around 35 years old.
Cute factor: Cute. Overload.

South China Tiger

south china tiger cub

Lives in: Southern China, of course
Will grow up to: Eat 30 to 90 pounds of meat in one sitting.
Cute factor: Fiercely cute

Sumatran Elephant

sumatran elephant

Lives in: The forests of Sumatra and Borneo
Will grow up to: Live in herds of 20 to 30 led by females.
Cute factor: We can't even.

African Wild Dog

african wild dog puppy

Lives in: Southern and Eastern Africa
Will grow up to: Live in packs of up to 40 dogs.
Cute factor: ADORBS



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