05/16/2014 08:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jamie Chung Reveals The 'Real' (Adorable) Reason She's Marrying Bryan Greenberg

Jamie Chung is one of those celebrities that make looking super stylish seem ... easy. She is a regular on best-dressed lists and provides daily outfit inspiration through her Instagram and blog, What the Chung. So, naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to pick her fashionable brain. What we found out, however, is that even if Chung always looks like a million bucks, she's not always spending that kind of cash on her outfits.

jamie chung

The actress, who got her start on MTV's "The Real World" ("An amazing experience as someone in college and working two jobs," she told us.) And since then, has continued making a name for herself in both movies and on television. But she's certainly made an impression on the fashion world as well. It's no surprise then, that discount-style mecca T.J. Maxx tapped her to partner with them on an experiment centered around why, as women, we choose the clothing we do at different stages of our lives.

"It was kind of a perfect fit," Chung explained, adding, "It's quite clear how my style has, and continues to evolve. Whether experimenting with the latest trends during my teenage years or turning to quality designer pieces to show off my more refined style today, I’ve always turned to places like T.J.Maxx to find those pieces that are truly me."

And before you question the validity of her statement, Chung showed up on the red carpet just a few days after our interview in a dress she picked up from the store. She credits her love of bargain shopping to her mom, who introduced it to her very early on.

jamie chung

And what about that gorgeous makeup and hair? When it comes to beauty, Chung has a similar philosophy as she does for getting dressed. "If you feel good about what you put on your face -- or body, that's really putting your best foot forward," she said.

Perhaps that's why she decided to take an untraditional route for her upcoming wedding (she's engaged to actor Bryan Greenberg,) at least when it comes to her bridesmaid dresses. "I'm not a big fan of traditional dresses. I actually was thinking about asking my bridesmaids to just go to a TJ Maxx and pick three of their favorite looks. That way, they can pick it out themselves and walk out feeling really good," she said.

But between a new job (she stars on NBC's "Believe,") and planning a wedding, the fact that she has time to also write a fashion blog is pretty impressive. That's where her fiancé comes into the picture. "Sometimes I'll ask him to take photos," she explained. "When he put the ring on my finger I was like, 'you do know you'll be taking photos of me for the rest of my life, right?'"

Now that's love.

Check out the fashion experiment in the video above, and click here to do some bargain shopping of your own.



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