05/19/2014 10:42 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dad Accused Of Throwing Toddler In Pool For Drowning Puppy (VIDEO)

A dad's lesson on the dangers of water almost turned into a lesson on mortality when he allegedly twice threw his 1-year-old daughter into a pool.

Corey McCarthy, of Phoenix, Arizona, is accused of tossing little Mia into a swimming pool after she accidentally drowned a puppy, the New York Daily News reports. An unnamed woman can be seen on security footage from April rescuing the flailing toddler.

The video appears to show 23-year-old McCarthy throw Mia in a second time, and again the unnamed woman came to her rescue. Mia was taken to a hospital and is fine, according to the Daily News.

McCarthy was charged last week with two counts of child abuse, ABC-15 reports.

Police contend that McCarthy said he threw her in because she killed a 5-week-old puppy by dropping it into the pool, according to the Daily Mail. Family members told AZ Family that Mia was scared to take a bath for several days after the incident.

McCarthy is separated from Mia's mother, Samantha, who called police when saw the abuse her daughter sustained on video.

"This is somebody who’s supposed to protect [her]," Samantha told ABC-15 through tears, adding that McCarthy was "traumatizing that little girl."

McCarthy is reportedly in a jail infirmary because he was beaten up shortly after he arrived.

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