05/19/2014 11:36 am ET Updated May 19, 2014

Now This Is Far Better Than Throwing Rice At Newlyweds

By Kellee Khalil for

Throwing rice on the newlyweds as they make an exit from their ceremony or reception has been a wedding tradition for centuries, symbolizing prosperity and fertility. As weddings become more personalized, we've seen a huge shift away from rice or birdseed and toward non-traditional send-offs. Need some inspiration for your wedding send-off? Here are a few of our favorite alternative ideas.

  • Confetti Poppers
    Forever Confetti Popper From BHLDN
    Celebrate your love with an explosion of colorful confetti. Purchase confetti poppers at your local party store, or buy a more stylized version and give them as favors with a cute tag attached.
  • Flower Petals
    Julianna Collett on Equally Wed
    Flower petals. Beautiful and eco-friendly, tossing flower petals is a great alternative to rice or birdseed, especially at an outdoor affair. If you're looking for the same organic feel at a more affordable price, consider throwing lavender buds instead.
  • Sprinkles
    Justin & Mary on Southern Weddings
    Festive and affordable, rainbow sprinkles are fun for send-offs. Buy in bulk at your local supermarket or dollar store and package them up in cute bags to give guests. But beware: if you’re having a summer wedding, sprinkles may melt in guests' hands before they have a chance to throw them!
  • Pennants
    Haley Sheffield on Grey Likes Weddings
    Sports fans? Give guests old-fashioned pennants to cheer on your marriage. We suggest choosing pennants in your color palette or in the shades of your alma mater.
  • Sparklers
    Jonathan Canlas on Snippet and Ink
    This popular wedding send-off makes for a great picture! We recommend passing out sparklers a few minutes in advance and have multiple people walking around with lighters -- timing is everything!

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