05/19/2014 02:23 pm ET Updated May 19, 2014

Wyoming Storm Time-Lapse Shows The Breathtaking Side Of Thunderstorms (VIDEO)

Even at its worst, nature can still be incredibly beautiful.

A group of storm chasers recently proved as much with a stunning storm time-lapse that shows the formation of supercell thunderstorm in eastern Wyoming. Oklahoma-based storm chasers Basehunters often hunt down the most severe weather events and drive into storms to capture footage and photos from a unique perspective.

In Basehunters' most recent video, filmed on Sunday, the storm chasers track a budding supercell and film the rotating thunderstorm as it drives a path from Wright to Newcastle.

The group also shared a photo of another storm structure in Wyoming on Twitter.

While the scene looks rather surreal -- like something out of a "Harry Potter" movie, as Hypervocal notes -- it's not the first time storm chasers have captured footage of a supercell storm forming. In another stunning time-lapse filmed last year, a rotating supercell gains steam as it appears over Texas.



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